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Guiding You on a Journey to Self-Healing

Let’s face it, In today’s fast-paced world, we all face difficulties and challenges in various aspects of our lives leaving us emotionally drained and hurting our physical and and emotional well-being.

This is where I come in, 

Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Through immersive meditation experiences and personalized guidance, I'll help you reconnect with your intuitive guidance system and facilitate lasting transformative changes in your life.

Portrait of Lior Cohen, Guided Meditation Facilitator and Wellness Coach
Woman meditates in nature with text: 'Less anxiety, stress? Join Self-Healing Journey. 'The Shift Experience' - inner calm, c

Ready to live with less anxiety, stress and overwhelm?

Embark on your Self-Healing Journey with me. 


Tired of negative self-talk and longing for greater connection and fulfillment?


"The Shift Experience," my unique method is designed to guide

you through a groundbreaking 3-step process to transform your emotional well-being, leading to inner calm, clarity, and the confidence to move forward in life with purpose.

“I endured a traumatic car accident that resulted in chronic stress and neck pain. Despite seeking medical attention and trying various treatments for years, I found no relief. That was until I started working with Lior. He was able to eliminate my stress and neck pain completely and helped me release an emotional pain that had been lodged in my body for so long.

I am forever grateful to Lior for his help."”

Testimonial: Lior helped me overcome chronic stress and neck pain after a car accident. Forever grateful

 Mary Boyer

“Before I met Lior, I was struggling with excess weight, chronic stress, and anxiety in various aspects of my life, including family, friends, and business. But, thanks to Lior's guidance, I have completely transformed. I am now a new, improved version of myself. My anxiety is gone, I feel much more relaxed and calm, I've successfully lost weight, and I now have abundant energy to tackle my daily tasks..”

Testimonial: Hezi lost weight, reduced stress, and anxiety with Lior's guidance.

 Hezi Rozencwaig

“Since starting with Lior, I have noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety and an overall feeling of calm and tranquillity. The guided imagery meditation has helped me focus and be more productive in my daily life. It has also improved my sleep, allowing me to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.If you're searching for a solution to reduce stress and anxiety, I strongly suggest reaching out to Lior. He has the expertise to help you."

Testimonial: Lior helped reduce anxiety, improve focus, and enhance sleep.

 Alon Mroz

What I Specialize In

Vector illustration depicting the release of fears and self-doubt. A person breaking chains symbolizing fears, with a sense o

Let go of Fears & Self Doubt

Vector illustration depicting transition from confusion to clarity. A person moving from a clouded state to clear vision.

Transition from Confusion to Clarity 

Vector illustration showing stress management and anxiety reduction.

Manage Stress & Reduce Anxiety

ector illustration portraying emotional well-being with serene elements.



Vector illustration representing balance, calmness, and inner peace. Symbols of harmony and tranquility surrounding a person.

Bring Balance, Calmness and Inner Peace to Your Life


The Journey Towards Self Healing Begins on the Path to Self Love and Being Your True Self

Begin Your Journey Today.

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