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Meet Lior Cohen

Lior Cohen is a passionate Guided Meditation Facilitator, Wellness Coach, Qi Ging Instructor and Sound Frequency Healing Facilitator.  I am dedicated to empowering individuals and groups to overcome stress, anxiety, and emotional obstacles, guiding them toward a state of serene inner peace. Leveraging extensive personal experience, I utilize the transformative power of meditation and other modalities to navigate life's challenges with enhanced resilience and tranquillity, promoting optimal health and well-being. My mission is to guide individuals from within, helping them discover the answers they seek and embarking on a journey to self-healing. Through my guidance, individuals cultivate calmness, joy, clarity, and inner peace in their lives.
Growing up, I struggled with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. I felt nervous before social gatherings and constantly sought validation from others and didn't feel good enough. Working in the corporate world added to my stress levels, leaving me feeling inadequate. But everything changed when I discovered meditation 7 years ago. I delved into the connection between the body, mind, and spirit and learned about the impact of emotions on our energy levels and state of being. With daily meditation, I transformed my energy and emotions, took control of my negative self-talk, let go of my anxiety and became the best version of myself. My passion is to share my high energy hold space for others and guide them on a journey to self-healing and transformation. I am trained in the Guided Meditation Framework, Wellness Coaching, Qi Gong and Bioenergy Healing and in Facilitating of Sound Frequency Healing Energy combined with Immersive Guided Meditation. Today, I specialize in guiding individuals and groups toward their self-healing journey and reconnecting with their authentic selves, helping them tap into the wisdom that already resides within them. I invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with me and allow yourself to let go of stress and fear and transition from confusion to clarity. Under my guidance, you'll uncover realizations that lead to lasting transformation, filling your life with newfound clarity, creativity, and purpose.


Guided Meditation Facilitator, Wellness Coach 


Connecting with Nature 

Travelling and spending time in nature is an essential part of my life and one of my passions. Connecting with the great outdoors profoundly impacts my mental and emotional well-being, allowing me to be present at the moment, fully experience the beauty of the world around me, and release worries and stress. The peace and tranquillity of the natural world provide a sense of calm and serenity that reduces anxiety and brings balance to my life. Whether it's a walk in the park, a hike in the mountains, or simply sitting and watching the birds, time in nature is a gift that I cherish. Meditation in nature is especially powerful, as the sounds of nature help to create an atmosphere of stillness and peace that makes it easier to let go of distractions and connect more deeply with the natural world and myself. This combination of meditation and nature is a potent formula for reducing stress and increasing feelings of happiness and well-being.

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